Thankful for the Good Hand of the Lord!

Psalm 145:16 “Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest  the desire of every living thing.”

Join us in the month of June as we thank the Lord for the blessings He so freely sends our way.

As the Lord leads you, please fill out this form with a brief praise and thankfulness testimony that can be shared with others on this page. 

The things that have come from God’s open hand to you….no matter what it was….it was good for you!  Take the time to thank Him.

Testimonies from God's people:

"I just spent the last five days hosting my future son-in-law and once again I came away with a heart full of gratitude to the Lord for His Loving, Guiding Hand, in bringing to us His perfect will for our dear daughter. His way is perfect and I'm so thankful we were "in the way" so the Lord could bless us with Joshua. He is everything Cherith needs and it is beautiful to see that now, outside of the Lord, he is everything she desires. The Lord is soooo good. I'm so very glad I'm His child. The blessing of the Lord INDEED...makes you feel rich!" ~ Mrs. S

"I have so much to be thankful for but today I am thankful for the goodness of God in my life. He has given me so many undeserving blessings. He daily loads me up, though sometimes these blessings are in disguise, I am grateful to know that God is in control and He never gives me anything or lets anything happen that won't be for His ultimate glory." ~Darcy

"I'm thankful for everything and I'm praising God for it all! I don't deserve anything good yet, God is so good to me anyway. Even when bad things are happening God never leaves me alone. He is right there helping me learn to trust Him more. How could I ever praise Him enough." ~Dianne

"I'm so thankful for Ginger Turner, Viki Griffith, Susan Nemoseck, Debbie Anderson & Lynette Vaninwegen. They all hold special places in my heart and did different things that I didn't know or see in me. Through their care and concern for me I was saved in October of 1999. Thank you so much ladies for caring about my soul. God I'm sure has truly blessed each of you in his own way as a result. I think of each of you often as well as all the ladies out there. Thanks again from all of my heart." ~Michelle

"I am overflowing with gratefulness for the LORD's goodness and faithfulness to me! He truly is a merciful God, full of compassion, WANTING to bless us! My salvation alone gives me reason to praise Him and live for Him the rest of my life! How undeserving I am, and how merciful He was and is, to stoop down to ME and draw me with His love. And then for Him to bless me with a man who loves the LORD and desires to serve Him with all his heart and soul - and loves me far more than I deserve - I have truly been satisfied, just as Psalm 145:16 says!" ~Cherith

"I am so thrilled that God could use someone as unworthy as I am to serve Him on the mission field of Ukraine. I am a bus kid-turned-missionary's wife who is so grateful for this exciting journey the Lord has me on! I appreciate you ladies and your support of missionaries and their families. Keep up the great work of serving our Great Savior!" ~Jolene

"I am so thankful that my son, Alex, was able to graduate from a Christian School. I am so grateful for what the Lord has done for our family! He saved my husband and I and made amazing changes in our family. Now Alex is saved and has such a heart to serve the Lord. There is nothing too hard for God!" ~Melissa

"We have seen two examples in Mexico recently of Romans 8:28 and Genesis 50:20. The Lord used a tragic death to bring a lady back to church for the first time in 6 years, and an inmate who was wrongly accused of murder and has served 13 years should be released soon. The Lord used his incarceration to draw him toward salvation! "Great is Thy faithfulness!" ~Pat Christenson

"I'm so thankful that I don't have to walk through this day alone. My Lord is as close as the mention of His name. "Behold, God is my helper..." Psalm 54" ~ Sheryl

"I'm so thankful for the family God has given me. For my girls and for my wonderful husband. I'm thankful for the peaceful home He has given us. I am also thankful for His provision for my husband's job. He is so GOOD to me! And I deserve NONE of it!" ~Alyssa

"I'm so thankful that the Lord saved me and has given me a Scriptural Bible-believing New Testament Church to be able to serve Him in and a Pastor who does not compromise the Word of God but preaches the whole truth. I'm also so thankful that He is a God of second chances and that He does not require perfection in order for us to serve Him and receive His blessings." ~Sharry

"I'm so thankful to the Lord for enriching my life with the ladies of our church! Your testimonies of love and faithfulness teach me every day. It is a great privilege to get to know each one. G.a. meetings are extra special because your secret deeds of love are made known. Truly God has blessed me greatly through you!" ~Diana

"I am so thankful that my Lord answers my prayers even before I pray for it." ~Katie

"Today, I am thankful that I have a God that knows my needs and WHEN I need Him to meet them. It may not be in my time but it is always in His and when it does it, it is ALWAYS good." ~Rachael

"I am so very thankful for God's saving grace. Without Him I am nothing and with Him I am everything. I am thankful for our new church family. What a blessing everyone has been to us. Thank you for making us feel so welcome and loved. I am overwhelmed by God's graciousness and goodness. Praise the Lord!!" ~Sarah C.

"My family has reciently undergone a tough trial which has humbled us greatly but we have learned so much and through it we had been reminded of how great our God is and if we just step out of the way He will work his perfect will in our lives and His will is so much better then what we can fathom up for ourselves." ~Rebecca


Anonymous said...

I'm extra thankful for this verse today. Hebrews 4:15 For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. DC

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that Jesus is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. Life in this world changes each day. My day today could be fine but tomorrow it could be turned upside down. But God is always the same. I can depend on that. PTL
from Susan N.

Cherith said...

"Who is like unto the LORD our God, who dwelleth on high, Who humbleth himself to behold the things that are in heaven, and in the earth!" Psalm 113:5-6
It is always amazing to me that our Creator, the MASTER of everything, will humble Himself, for us. I am so thankful for my Lord's example and want to be more and more like Him.

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